Take advantage of the "Rx FOR A CRISIS" Blueprint and EXPAND, even in a quarantine!

Rx FOR A CRISIS is a FULL COLOR book packed with innovative strategies and simple  how to instructions.

The Prescription Blueprint combines Friends, Empathy and Barter with "Folks You Know" so you can make a difference in the lives of others during a crisis situation.

When the time is right (now or in the future), it has a modified prescription for Stepping Out to new folks (targets) in just the right way.

The heart-felt process can be put into action as a "Do It Yourself" project right now and it can be taken even further when the full book is published in the Summer of 2020.

So, get the Prescription Blueprint NOW and be notified when the book is released.

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This is super easy and even fun - you reach out to folks you already know.

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Let people know you care about them and see what their wants/needs are.

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Help others with what you do while they have a chance to help you in exchange.


Experience the Rx Presentation

This 33-minute video covers the Rx concepts in the book in added detail.

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