LinkedIn Benefits for Business Travelers

May 29, 2019


Travelers can get extra benefits out of LinkedIn: the sky is the limit! It starts with building a sizeable LinkedIn network in cities you travel to most often. For me that’s San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, Minneapolis, Phoenix and Seattle.

This tip is really a set of them under one function – LinkedIn for business travelers.

Mini-tip #1 – build up your network in cities you travel to often. Search for those people that interest you and invite them to connect BEFORE you get there. A nicely built network makes mini-tip #2 much more effective.

Mini-tip #2 – when traveling, let people in the region know you will be there soon, what you are doing there and offer to meet up with any interested parties. You may want to narrow this down and only offer an invitation to select people or you can go wide in hopes that it will lead to more entirely new things.

Mini-tip #3 – when meeting with the locals, offer to meet for drinks after work if they can’t meet during the day. In some cities we throw a LinkedIn networking event so our contacts can meet one another too. We know they have something in common beyond knowing...

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